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FSB Forms

Required Documents Needed For ALL Loans

Submission Form - Revised Form added 10/25/18

Itemization of Credits on 1003 DOT  - use to advise the credits that will be included to reduce cash to close

Closing Request Form - Revised form!  Added 8/30/2018

600 - 619 Prequal Request Cover Sheet 

Electronic Disclosure Agreement


Your Home Tool Kit Acknowledgement 

Acknowledgment of HUD Counseling

Anti-Steering Disclosure - no longer in our disclosure package, but still a required form

Borrower Authorization & Certification

Broker Compensation Acknowledgment - required on all brokered loans

Disclosure Notice

E-Sign Disclosure                                                     

Rate Lock Fee Agreement                                                                                               

Service Provider Form

Undisclosed Debt - no longer in our disclosure package, but still a required form

Change of Circumstance Form

Net Tangible Benefit Form

Authorization for the SSA to release SSN Verification form

Intent to Proceed

Homestead Waiver

Escrow Repair Holdback Agreement

Lead Based Paint Disclosure - for dwelling built prior to 1978

Required Documents for USDA

USDA Document Checklist

USDA Form 3555-21

USDA Notice to Applicants & Household Income

USDA Guarantee Fee Calculator

New Construction Documents (FHA. VA, USDA)

New Construction Documentation Checklist

Builders Certificate (form 92541)

Plan Certification (USDA Form RD 1924-25)

Warranty of Completion of Construction (HUD Form 92544-A/VA Form 26-1859)

Builder Cabo and Lead Water Cert

VA Not Inspected Acknowledgement for New Construction Form

Termite Protection (form NPMA-99a) 

Termite Protection (form NPMA-99b)

10 year builder warranty (can be bought by builder or split between builder/borrower)

Certificate of Occupancy - from local authority

Building Permit

If a building permit & Certificate of Occupancy are not available in the county/local area, a letter on letterhead from the County/City is needed to confirm this

Income Documentation Forms

SAM Cash Flow Analysis - This form is to be used to calculate self employment income from tax returns.


FSB Income Calculation Worksheet - to be used for W-2'd wage earners.   Has sections for Base Income, Overtime, Bonus, Commission and other income.  Spreadsheet is programmed to calculate income averages.

Rental Income Worksheet-used to calculate Rental Income listed on a Schedule E or newly rented property that has not had a return filed on it, yet.

How To Instructions Sheets

Welcome to our "Instruction Section".  We have recently updated this section to fit the busy LO and Processor time constraints.  Every Instruction Sheet is a one page document (except for a couple, they are 2 pages) that will give you the minimum information you need to complete a specific task.  

How to change a borrowers name added 11/2/18

How To Obtain a VA Builder ID 

Early CD Process added 9/25/2018

How and when to use Mortgage Support  Team

How to price out a loan without locking 

Funding Tips for Fast Closings

Training Instructions

E-Sign Delivery for Initial CD's

How to use Mortgagebot for E-Disclosures

Letters of Explanation - General Guidance  

Credit LOX Instructions 

How To Enter PMI factors on LE in Mortgagebot  

New Construction Document Checklist 

How to gross up fixed income 

How to request a RUSH from UW or closing

Determining the review type for Conventional Condo loans  

Documentation Needed for Condo Approval 

How To Complete the Anti-Steering Form  

Printing Initial Disclosure Packet  

How to document Gift Funds   

Instructions to Set Up Your GUS Access

How to Upload Conditions (The Easy Way)

How To Get Set Up To Order Tax Transcripts through Partner's Credit/FSB

How To Order Tax Transcripts with FSB

How to set your Windows 10 Internet Explorer for Mortgagebot

How to Extend you lock prior to it expiring

Important Email Addresses

How to Upload & Register a Loan

How to Submit a Loan to Underwriting 

How to Run AUS - DU or LP

How to Re-Submit a Loan

How to Use Imageflow

How to View the Conditional Approval

LE Instructions and Initial Disclosure Printing

Understanding Your Loan Status

How to Request Login or Reset a Log In

How to Submit a COC (Change of Circumstance) 

Closing Disclosure Instructions 

Correspondent Lending Instructions

FSB Website In's & Out's

HOI Requirements

How to Extend your lock prior to expiring

How to Lock Your Loan

How to Read a Rate Sheet

How to Order an Appraisal

How to pay for my Appraisal up front

Requirements for a POA

Role of a Jr Underwriter (Compliance Conditions) 

Role of an Underwriter (PTC & PTF Conditions) 

Title Commitment Requirements 

Compliance Alerts 

Escrow Repair Holdback

VA Appraisal Ordering & NOV - New 2/7/18!