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Required Documents Needed For ALL Loans

Tools for Review -  Submission - Closing

Submission Form

Early Closing Disclosure Request Form 

Early Closing Disclosure Instructions 

Income Calculation Request Form 

Itemization of Credits on 1003 DOT  - use to advise the credits that will be included to reduce cash to close

Closing Request Form 

Prequal Review Cover Sheet - updated 4/6/2020

Change of Circumstance Form

Early Disclosure Docs

Your Home Tool Kit Acknowledgement 

Acknowledgment of HUD Counseling

Electronic Disclosure Agreement

Anti-Steering Disclosure - no longer in our disclosure package, but still a required form if Brokered/Lender Paid loan

Borrower Authorization & Certification

Broker Compensation Acknowledgment - required on all brokered loans

Disclosure Notice

E-Sign Disclosure                                                     

Rate Lock Fee Agreement                                                      Service Provider Form

Undisclosed Debt - no longer in our disclosure package, but still a required form

Authorization for the SSA to release SSN Verification form

Intent to Proceed

Lead Based Paint Disclosure - for dwelling built prior to 1978

For State Disclosures, please email [email protected] 

Required Documents for USDA

USDA Document Checklist

USDA Form 3555-21 -10/19 Revision

USDA Notice to Applicants & Household Income

USDA Guarantee Fee Calculator

New Construction Documents (FHA. VA, USDA)

New Construction Documentation Checklist 

Builders Certificate (form 92541)

Plan Certification (USDA Form RD 1924-25)

Warranty of Completion of Construction (HUD Form 92544-A/VA Form 26-1859)

Builder Cabo and Lead Water Cert

VA Not Inspected Acknowledgement for New Construction Form

Termite Protection (form NPMA-99a) 

Termite Protection (form NPMA-99b)

10 year builder warranty (can be bought by builder or split between builder/borrower)

Certificate of Occupancy - from local authority

Building Permit

(How to obtain) VA Builder ID

If a building permit & Certificate of Occupancy are not available in the county/local area, a letter on letterhead from the County/City is needed to confirm this