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Important Links For The Mortgage Industry

Flanagan State Bank                                                                  

Bankruptcy Courts                                                                     

Excluded Parties List Search                                                    

Fannie Mae - Selling Guide and Announcements                

Fannie Mae - link to determine if Fannie Mae Services Loan

FNMA Condo Lookup                                                                

FHA Condo Lookup                                                                   

FHA Connection                                                                          

FHA Handbooks                                                                          

FHA Loan Limits                                                                         

FHA Mortgagee Letters                                                              

FHA FAQ                                                                                       

Freddie Max - Selling Guide & Announcements                   

Freddie Mac - link to determine if Freddie Mac Services Loan

FHA/FNMA/VA/FHLMC High Balance Look Up               

VA Circulars                                                                                  

VA Handbook                                                                                

VA County Limits                                                                         

VA Condo Lookup                                                                        

USDA Property Eligibility and Income Eligibility [email protected]  

MGIC Rate Lookup                                                                      

Genworth Rate Lookup                                                               

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau                                   

Federal Housing Finance Agency                                              

 IBTS - Manufactured Home HUD Plate Certification         

 HUD Median Income Limit Search Site